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January 27th. International Holocaust Remembrance Day. #WeRemember

January 27th. Auschwitz liberation anniversary

international Remembrance Holocaust Day

On the International Holocaust Remembrance Day and the 73rd anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz Auschwitz Exhibition wants to remember and honor each and every one of the 11,000,000 people who died because of Nazi barbarism and all the women, men and children who suffered, and even today suffer, its terrible consequences.

Today, more than ever, #WeRemember all of them: Jews, Poles, Roma, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, political enemies of the German Nazi regime, criminal prisoners, people with disabilities… People of all ethnicities, social and ideological groups and nationalities; human beings like us who were killed by an ideology of evil: racial or social superiority.


Anti-Semitism, racism and xenophobia continue existing among us. And as Auschwitz survivor Noah Klieger said this Wednesday the during his conference in Auschwitz Exhibition, “all people, without exception, are equal.”

A wise lesson to remember today and ALWAYS.

Noah Klieger