Getting here - Auschwitz Exhibition - Union Station Kansas City (MO)

Getting here

The Auschwitz exhibition will be located at Malmömässan in Malmö. The exhibition opens May 26, 2022, and is open for a limited time.

Here you will find information about its exact location and how to get to it.

Mässgatan 6
215 32 Malmö

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Hyllie station has a unique location in the Öresund region. Copenhagen Airport is only 12 minutes away by train. The closest train station in Malmö is Triangeln, which is only 3 minutes away, and Malmö Central Station is 6 minutes away. The trains stop around the clock at Hyllie Station which is about 300 meters from Malmömässan.


Several local buses stop just outside Malmömässan at the bus stop Hyllie Vattenpark. The inter city buses in Malmö are green and the regional buses are yellow. The regional buses that stop in Hyllie stop by the station square just 300 meters away from Malmömässan.


Malmömässan is located just by the main road Inre Ringvägen in the area Hyllie in Malmö. In the area there are over 3000 parking spaces and also charging stations for electric cars. More info regarding parking can be found at PMalmö´s website:


If you fly to Copenhagen then you can be at the first train stop in Sweden, Hyllie Station, in only 12 minutes.

From Malmö Airport you can get to Malmömässan by car or taxi in 30 minutes. There are also buses from the airport straight to the city of Malmö where you can change to local buses or train to the venue. You can find time tables and prices here: