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Today’s world can’t be fully understood without first having achieved a deep knowledge of World War II and the largest camp created by Nazi Germany in all of Europe: Auschwitz.

Just as knowing is understanding, understanding helps prevention. Because of that, the Auschwitz exhibition with the collaboration of Forum for Living History has elaborated educational materials available for schools and students.

This initiative is meant to create an individual and collective memory of Auschwitz, and to foster reflection among students on the origins of violence, as well as the importance of defending human rights, promoting understanding among peoples and cultures, and respect for global diversity.

Learn more about this initiative here.

Jewish life in Malmö - A Historical Map Guide

Go on a city walk, a bike ride or “stroll” at home and discover Malmö’s Jewish history with our map guide. Let the buildings and people on the map guide you along the way.

Jewish history is part of the city’s shared history. It is multifaceted and complex. The Jews who came to Malmö during different eras have had different circumstances. Religious and political views have also varied over time. Nevertheless, a strong, active Jewish community and a rich social life have been formed, bringing together and uniting the city’s Jews.

The map guide includes some 40 locations in the city. Each location is associated with a building, person, activity or event that reflects Malmö’s Jewish life over more than 100 years.

Historical map guide (PDF)

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