Admission and Hours - Auschwitz Exhibition - Malmö


Tickets to visit the exhibition can only be purchased online.

Please, remember to get your tickets prior to your visit.

You can get them HERE.


Admission hours

The exhibition has been extended until January 29, 2023 with following opening hours:

Until January 20th

10 am – 7 pm, with the last time slot at 4 pm.

21-22 January

9  am-8pm, with the last slot at 5 pm.

23-27 January

10 am – 7 pm, with the last slot at 4 pm.

28-29 January

9 am to 8 pm, with the last time slot at 5 pm.

If you are planning to travel to get to the exhibition, remember you can access to special fares by booking with our travel partner SJ. More information HERE.

* Opening hours are preliminary and may be extended. Keep an eye on Tickster for any changes


All the tickets include an audio tour, available in Swedish, Danish and English.

Visitors are encouraged to use it with their own mobile devices and headphones.

Disposable ones will be available for SEK 20.

School groups

School groups with a minimum of 9 people can access to reduced fares.

Elementary, middle and high school:
SEK 120 per person (including teachers)

College or higher education:
SEK 175 per person (including teachers)

General Admission

26 December – 29 January

Things to take into account

During your visit, you must remember:

More than 1,100,000 people were tortured and killed in Auschwitz. The visitors are therefore required to show the utmost respect for each and every one of the exhibits, for most are directly related to the victims. Any lack of consideration will lead to banning or expulsion from the exhibition premises.

Se permite tomar fotografías

Visitors are allowed to take pictures with smartphones or non-professional cameras. Flash, tripods or any other devices that can disturb other visitors’ movements or vision are forbidden.

Prohibido Maleta

Suitcases and backpacks are not allowed in the exhibition rooms. You can leave your luggage in the exhibition wardrobe free of charge.

Prohibido Móvil Timbre

Please mute your phone and keep as silent as possible for the benefit of the other visitors.


Prohibido Camara Video

Filming with video camera is not allowed. Please contact us prior to your visit for special permission.

Prohibido fumar - comer - perros

You are not allowed to smoke, eat or drink in the premises. Animals are not allowed (except for guide dogs).

Prohibido Carrito Compra

Any use of the pictures taken in the exhibition for commercial purposes is strictly forbidden.