Auschwitz Exhibition - World Water Day

22th March, all tickets at a reduced price

On 22th March countries around the world will celebrate World Water Day, the day the United Nations designated to highlight the role this natural resource plays in poverty reduction, economic growth and environmental sustainability. According to UN data, about one billion people throughout the world lack access to drinking water. 

To heed this global call, and thanks to collaboration with Canal de Isabel II in Madrid, whose facilities are home to the Auschwitz exhibition, on 22th March tickets to the show will have a reduced price of 6 € (7 € with audio guide). 

Construcción del Canal

Arte Canal Exhibition Center is built in one of the compartments of the Cuarto Depósito, an underground cistern of Canal de Isabel II. 

Its almost 2,500 square metres of exhibition space make Arte Canal one of the largest showrooms for temporal exhibitions both in Spain and in Europe. The room takes up half the first of the four compartments in which the forth cistern on the Canal de Isabel II is divided, a structure from the first half of the 20th century with a capacity for 141,000 cubic metres of water. 

Its refurbishment was made with the utmost respect for the original building, similar to the old Roman and Arab cisterns.

From its opening in 2004 more of three million people have visited the fourteen great exhibitions it has hosted.

The company also develops the Canaleduca programme in the surrounding region’s schools to instil into children values related to the good use of water and respect to the environment. 

In addition to this, Canal de Isabel II collaborates to make the AUSCHWITZ exhibition free for students up to upper secondary education (bachillerato) from all the schools in Spain, public and private, so as to allow them to broaden their historic knowledge and become aware of the importance of respecting human rights and global diversity.