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“Auschwitz. Not Long Ago. Not Far Away.” opens its doors in Malmö, Sweden, its Only Scandinavian Stop

The exhibition opened today after surpassing 20.000 pre-sold tickets. It features more than 700 original artifacts, many for the first time.
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About 17,000 tickets booked for upcoming Auschwitz Exhibition in Malmö

Great interest in the upcoming Auschwitz Exhibition in Sweden, opening next May 26th at Malmömässan in Malmö. Tickets are available...
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Auschwitz exhibition extends its stay in Kansas City after breaking all Union Station attendance records

Since opening it has been embraced by nearly 260,000 guests, number that will mark an all-time record for touring exhibitions at Union Station Kansas City after 20 years.
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“Auschwitz” exhibition arrives in Sweden May 2022, for its only Scandinavian stop

Auschwitz exhibition arrives in Malmö, Sweden in May 2022, for its only Scandinavian stop. The next stop of the exhibition was announced...
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New Records Set with 150,000 Tickets Sold to Auschwitz Exhibition at Kansas

Union Station Officials announced another historic record relating to Musealia’s Auschwitz Exhibition: over 150,000 tickets sold.
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Director of Auschwitz Exhibition, Luis Ferreiro, received the “Light of Remembrance” award

The highest award by the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum recognizes the work of Luis Ferreiro, Director of the Auschwitz exhibition...
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Highly Expected Opening of Auschwitz Exhibition at Union Station Kansas City

With a record 70,000 pre-sold tickets Auschwitz exhibition opened today at Union Station and will stay in Kansas City until mid January 2022.
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Auschwitz exhibition begins its installation at Union Station Kansas City (MO)

An authentic German-made Model 2 railway freight car installed in front of Union Station Kansas City (MO) as part of Auschwitz exhibition.
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