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Canal Historia broadcasts special “Nazism” programmes

The Channel tributes Holocaust victims with this special that will be broadcasted from Monday 22 to Sunday 28 January.

HISTORY commemorates Holocaust Remembrance Day with a Special on Nazism

Special nacism in Canal Historia

HISTORY will join during next week the tribute to the more than 6,000,000 victims of Nazism, through the broadcast of a special unpublished programming in Spain.

This special that will be broadcasted from Monday 22 to Sunday 28 January at 10pm, consists of the premiere of five historical documentaries about the birth, rise and fall of the Third Reich and its consequences: “Nazi Project”, “The Killing Machine of Hitler “,” On the Hunt for the Nazis “,” Nazis and Animals “and” Journey into the Holocaust “.

This selection of documentaries analyzes how it was possible for a radical political party led by a failed artist like Adolf Hitler to seduce an entire nation. Discover how Germania could have become the “capital of the world” that the Nazis devised; how the policy of “racial purity” of the Führer was set in motion…


Among the lesser-known aspects of the III Reich collected in this special on Nazism of HISTORY, we can find, among others, the interest of the German Nazi government to purify the animal kingdom, which put into practice the principles of euthanasia in dogs or horses to subsequently apply it in humans, through Aktion T4 first, and then through the Holocaust.

In addition, the aforementioned documentaries stress the long effort made by the victims of the Holocaust and their families to imprison those responsible and collaborators who made the Shoah possible, many of whom managed to evade justice.

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