Today’s world can’t be fully understood without first having achieved a deep knowledge of World War II and the largest camp created by Nazi Germany in all of Europe: Auschwitz.

Just as knowing is understanding, understanding helps prevention. Because of that, the Auschwitz exhibition and Canal de Isabel II give the Spanish lower and upper secondary education (Educación Primaria, Educación Secundaria and Bachillerato) students the chance to visit the exhibition for free.

This initiative is meant to create an individual and collective memory of Auschwitz, and to foster reflection among students on the origins of violence, as well as the importance of defending human rights, promoting understanding among peoples and cultures, and respect for global diversity.


If you want to book a free school visit, please remember:

1. You must download the official application form.

2. It must be submitted properly filled and stamped to auschwitz@clorian.com

3. All the applications will be handled as soon as possible.

4. After getting confirmation of your visit, you will be able to collect your tickets on the very day of your visit.

This offer is valid only for bookings from Tuesday to Friday, from 10.00 to 17.00.

Its availability is subject to the premises capacity, and it is not applicable on public holidays and holidays’ eves, Christmas time (December 21-January 7) and Easter Week (March 23-April 9).

This offer is applicable to scholar groups in all Spain territory, Bachillerato students included.

AUDIOGUIDE IS NOT included. The material to prepare the visit will be sent along with the reservation confirmation.