Board game Juden Raus

Juden Raus
Juden Raus
Juego de mesa Juden Raus
DescriptionBoard game Juden Raus
Size (cm)50 x 60
CollectionWiener Library

Sold as an “extraordinarily amusing and up-to-date family game,” its aim was to force the “Jews” outside the walls of the city.

Each player moved a “German policeman” piece around the board and tried to land on one of the “Jewish-owned” shops and businesses shown on the 13 red circles. The player then captured one of the “Jews” (depicted on the hat-shaped pieces by an ugly and contorted face) and carried it off outside the city.

The words on the board proclaimed: “Display skill in the dice game, so that you collect many Jews! When you succeed in driving out 6 Jews, you will be winner beyond all question!” And at the bottom right: “Off to Palestine!”.

Although the game used crude antisemitic stereotypes and fully matched the fascist ideas of the period, it was not created by the Nazi leadership.

This board game was developed during the Third Reich by the successful German toy company Günther & Co.