News about Auschwitz Exhibition in Madrid
Objetos de Ana Frank

New objects from Anne Frank House on display at the AUSCHWITZ Exhibition

The collection of over 600 original artefacts is complemented now by three new items from Anne Frank House in Amsterdam...
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The ten bestselling books at the Auschwitz exhibition shop

The Auschwitz exhibition shop is open Monday to Sunday and offers visitors a wide range of books, audiovisual material and...
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Auschwitz Exhibition exceeds 450,000 visitors and extends Madrid dates to February 2019

The Region of Madrid, Canal de Isabel II and Musealia have extended the dates of the exhibition ‘Auschwitz. Not long ago. Not...
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September 13: ‘Auschwitz in Images’ talk, with Paul Salmons

The seminar "Auschwitz in Images" will take place on 13 September at 19.00 in the Auditorium of Canal de Isabel...
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Free education seminar at the Auschwitz exhibition – Teaching the Holocaust: How to explain the inexplicable

Next Wednesday, 12 September,  Canal de Isabel II and the Auschwitz exhibition, in partnership with the Sefarad Centre and the Jewish...
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Spanish forced workers of Hitler. Recognized as victims of Nazism by the German democracy

In 1956, the Federal Republic of Germany approved the Indemnification Law for the victims of the Nazi regime. Designed to...
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The insides of three books in Auschwitz Exhibition are now on public display

Seven months after the launch of the exhibition ‘Auschwitz: Not long ago, not far away’ in Madrid, the insides of...
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Autor: Jesús Varillas

Madrid Auschwitz exhibition extended for four months after attracting over 350,000 visitors

The Community of Madrid, Canal de Isabel II and Musealia are extending the ‘Auschwitz: not long ago, not far away’...
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The role of doctors in Nazism

In July 1933, a new law was passed that saw the forced sterilisation of 400,000 Germans classed as carrying hereditary...
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Last weeks for visiting Auschwitz Exhibition in Madrid

The exhibition will remain at the Arte Canal Exhibition Center until June 17, 2018. This will be its only destination...
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Spain: Safe heaven for Jew scape networks

Two out of every three Jews living in Europe at the beginning of the 1930s died during Nazi rule and...
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The Höcker Album and the life of the SS in Auschwitz. A parallel world.

A glimpse into the lives of the SS at Auschwitz comes from an album of 116 photographs taken between May...
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22th March, all tickets at a reduced price

On 22th March countries around the world will celebrate World Water Day, the day the United Nations designated to highlight...
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Acceso a la exposición

Auschwitz Exhibition receives more than 200.000 visitors in Madrid

The exhibition 'Auschwitz. Not long ago. Not far away.’ has received more than 200,000 visitors during its first 100 days...
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Ludwig Neumann – Wiener Library

Ludwig Neumann was a German-Jewish businessman who owned an industrial clothing company, Neumann & Mendel. The factory was founded in...
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A group of Jehovah's Witnesses in their camp uniforms after liberation.

Stolen lives in Auschwitz. Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Jehovah's Witnesses were subjected to intense persecution under the Nazi regime. The Nazis targeted Jehovah's Witnesses because they were unwilling...
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Helena Citronova

Helena Citrónová & Franz Wunsch. Forbbiden love in Auschwitz

In the spring of 1942, two thousand unmarried women from Slovakia were deported in two trains to the concentration camp...
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Mapa de Madagascar expuesto en Arte Canal

The Madagascar plan while Nazi Germany

So what does a tropical island have to do with European antisemitism? Religious hostility to Jews had been present in...
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Angel Sanz Briz at his desk

Ángel Sanz Briz, Righteous Among the Nations

In mid-1944, barely a year before World War II drew to a close, Hungary was home to the last Jewish...
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Jóvenes visitando la exposición

Available 10,000 additional free tickets for school groups to visit the Auschwitz Exhibition in Madrid

More than 620 school groups from all over Spain have already made a reservation to visit the Auschwitz. Not long...
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